This might not be the only issue affecting your Lincoln Park Household. The reality is, if it is not taken care of correctly, mold can pose real and lasting problems for you and your family’s health and wellbeing. As one of the leading mold removal teams in the Lincoln Park area, we have encountered homeowners that face mold and mildew infestations far too often. The funguses that grow from this initial moisture thrives in places that are damp, warm and poorly lit, and unfortunately these conditions are often far too common in Lincoln Park homes. Thankfully for you, Reconstruction Mold Remediation is just a phone call away ((609) 336-1253).


The issue with mold in the attic, basement or any other area of your home or business is that with fungus growth, there is always more than meets the eye. Mold is simply the visible part—what mycologists, or mold specialists, call the ‘fruiting body’—of a wider network of the fungus.

The fungus reproduces by spreading spores through the air. These mold spores are literally everywhere around us—millions of them can be found in a single room, and even more outdoors! But it’s only when conditions are favorable for mold growth does the fungus grow rapidly and overtake a carpet, drywall or baseboard.

So what conditions aid mold growth and manage to turn invisible spores into a nasty patch of mold? There are two of them: humidity and temperature.

Molds grow best in warm, humid environments. Your property is nearly always warm enough for mold to grow, but it’s also usually too dry. When moisture builds up due to a faulty air conditioner, a flood, or spills, that’s when mold seizes its chance—and rapidly multiplies. By the time you can see the visible part, the fungus has already spread everywhere—and is spitting out thousands of spores by the second as you watch.

That’s why, when mold strikes, it’s so crucial you act quickly. Without moisture and heat, the mold will grow dormant. Only when that’s achieved will it be easy to get rid of for good.


At Reconstruction Mold Remediation, we are passionate about what we do. That is why we offer a tried and trusted mold removal service for our commercial and residential clients that is guaranteed to rid your home or business from the negative effects of mold, while also restoring and returning it to its pre-damaged best.

Each member of our skilled and experienced team is equipped with the most advanced and cutting-edge equipment to ensure that even the most stubborn instances of mold can be removed easily and quickly. So, if you have detected mold and mildew in your Troy Hill home or business and want a solution to prevent the damage from spreading and causing further issues, then you need to call us at Reconstruction Mold Remediation today at (609) 336-1253.


One of the most pervasive and persistent mold problems that home and business owners face is the presence of mold inside the walls of your building. Because it’s not easily visible, especially when compared to mold on the floor or bathtub, it’s easy to let this problem spiral out of control before it’s addressed. Carpeting can pose the same issue, but many people suspect carpets of being moldy when the air smells stale or of mildew.

Mold inside walls almost always is a result of a major flooding incident soaking the drywall of your home or business. Your drywall was not installed with drainage in mind. Its porous surface creates a perfect substrate for mold to grow on top of. And because it’s usually both insulated and hidden, a mold infestation can grow rapidly without you detecting it—until it has spread elsewhere or begins to negatively impact the air quality.

The only way to deal with mold removal in walls is to dehydrate the area using professional dehumidifying equipment and then remove by hand. This often involves renovations that can take a day or so. After the humidity is taken out of the drywall, Reconstruction Mold Remediation will remove the mold growth safely, and then repair the wall to ensure no more liquid can pass by it.


Have you noticed a mold problem in your home that just won’t quit? If you answered yes to this question, then you need to make sure that you have this issue resolved by a tried and trusted mold removal team you can rely on right away.

However, if you are uncertain if you have a mold infestation in your home then one of the following sings could be a good way of finding out:

Malodorous Smell: If there is mold in your home, it will often be accompanied by a moldy smell. In fact, this might be the only clue that it’s there at all. It is important that you don’t ignore these odours just because you can’t see anything. Instead, you should have our team thoroughly inspect your home before any potential mold problems get worse.

Visible Mold Growth: While this may seem obvious, many homeowners in Cherry Hill don’t notice the mold growth in its earliest stage, while many just think it’s soot or dirt.

Water Leaks: Mold growth from leaks can often be hidden, and if the leak is behind a wall or other surface then any mold problem will be hidden from the surface too.

THE AVERAGE MOLD REMOVAL COST FROM Reconstruction Mold Remediation

Mold removal and remediation is a specialist skill involving a lot of training and special equipment. That’s why it can be more expensive than other home improvement projects. But we think the quality of air and peace of mind is priceless.


If you want to make sure that a small mold infestation doesn’t turn your Manasquan property into a major problem, you need to call us at Reconstruction Mold Remediation right away and allow us to do what we do best. Our passion for mold removal is second to none and our expertise will not be beat.

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