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Mold is one of those things that can affect a Marlton home or business quietly but steadily. So, unlike a fire or serious water damage, mold does not carry the same fear-factor for many homeowners and businesses. The fact of the matter is that if left unaddressed, it can end up being a major problem for your home’s appearance and structural integrity.

So, if you are reading this afraid that your home has been infested with a mold attack, then you have come to the right place. With years of experience in all aspects of mold removal services, there is no job too big or task too small for our skilled and dedicated team. What’s more, when you begin to look at the affordability of our prices, combined with our convenient opening hours, it is soon easy to see why so many of our residential and commercial clients have continued to use our service year after year.

Three Mold Facts You Must Know

Although it is just a small four-letter word, the reality is that if it starts spreading through your home, mold can soon become a very big problem. The biggest issue with a mold infestation is that, unlike smoke or water damage, mold is quite inconspicuous for the longest time and often only shows its true colors when it may be too late.

That is why it is important to stay informed of the signs associated with mold and to get a grip on them before they get out of hand. With that in mind, here are three of the most common signs of mold:

  1. Mold is Naturally Occurring: One of the biggest misconceptions about mold is the belief that it doesn’t occur naturally. The fact of the matter is that the opposite is true and mold can grow anywhere there is moisture, water damage or any type of dampness. Known as Mother Nature’s recycler, mold is designed to break down dead organic material and actually serves many positive purposes, just not when it comes to your walls or windows!
  2. Mold Can Appear Very Quickly: Although we know that mold is less dangerous than rapid threat dangers like fire, smoke and water damage, it would be inaccurate to suggest that it is a complete slow-burner. The truth is that mold damage can appear very quickly, often in as little as a day or two, and once it arrives it can be very hard to get rid of.
  3. Mold Needs Three Basic Ingredients to Grow: One thing that you must understand about mold is that it requires three basic ingredients to grow. Typically, the trio of food, a temperature of somewhere between 40 and 100-degrees Fahrenheit and moisture are what’s needed to turn your basement, bathroom or bedroom into a mold-filled zone.

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