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Mercer County which includes; Hightstown, Princeton, Cranbury, Robbinsville, West Windsor, Hamilton Township, Lawrence Township, Hopewell, Pennington, and East Windsor.

Most Trusted Mold Removal Services in East Windsor, NJ

Mold cleanup issues are widespread in East Windsor, NJ. We understand the challenges that homeowners and businesses encounter when it comes to mold removal. With our most trusted mold removal services, Reconstruction Mold Remediation experts will quickly remove any and all mold, while also assisting in the prevention of costly and time-consuming mold removal.

Signs of Mold in House? Full-Spectrum Mold Removal and Remediation in Princeton

Anyone who’s ever found toxic black mold in their home knows exactly how much a nightmare it can be to deal with. To the most common household mold problems you see in Princeton homes, there’s almost never a cut-and-dry solution. By the time you see signs of mold in house or run a black mold test, the conditions that allow mold to grow and multiply rapidly have already been met. So running to the local hardware store to pick up mold removal products only treats the symptom of the problem, but not the underlying cause.

Seeing local residents deal with the frustration and health problems that are brought on by residential mold growth is what inspired us to become Princeton’s top mold professionals. Our entire business model is founded around mold removal and remediation, and our trusted techniques address the root of your mold issues, clearing it up for good.

So what is our system? We take a multi-factor approach to tackling mold in your home or business.

A wall undergoing mold removal services in New Jersey

Reconstruction Mold Remediation’s Method

Our methods have been honed over our years working in and around the Princeton area. Since we began our business, we’ve fine-tuned our techniques to always stay one step ahead of pesky mold and fungi. Our complete method works like this:

Mold Inspection

A proper mold remediation program starts with a full inspection of your home or business. As you may or may not know, mold is actually just the visible portion of a larger fungal body, so when you see mold on a wall or in a basement, fungal spores are actually taking root in all the areas of the home nearby.

Spores disperse by air currents, so stopping mold from growing in your home means searching the vents and ducts. It also needs moisture to grow, and so we do a full audit of where moisture or water leakage might be in your home.

Mold Removal

Our trained technicians then physically clear the mold from your home using the proper safety equipment and our powerful tools. We take special care to avoid spreading mold spores further and dispose of everything safely.

Mold Remediation

When the surface problem is dealt with, we remodel the basement or room you’re having trouble with in order to disrupt the conditions that let the mold grow and to remove moisture and humidity from your home. Depending on how bad your mold problem is, we might recommend multiple treatments, all with the aim of keeping your home moldfree— for good.

Reconstruction Mold Remediation Mold Removal

Our Dedication to Our Customers

What sets Reconstruction Mold Remediation apart from the other mold removal and remediation companies in the area? We’re committed to providing the best customer service. And we stand behind our methods and techniques for dealing with persistent mold problems, so we feel comfortable approaching every customer with honesty. We won’t over-promise and underdeliver, but will work with you to find a solution that keeps your home and family happy and healthy. If you’re dealing with the signs of mold in your house, call us today!

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